New report: Gamechangers for a Green New Deal

The UK urgently needs a Green New Deal – a redesign of our economy so it serves need, not greed. We’ve got a pretty good idea of what that looks like: renewable energy, decent homes, meaningful work, and reliable public services available to all. All these things are within our reach – so why do they often feel so far away?

Our new report, Gamechangers for a Green New Deal (PDF download), invites readers to think differently about some of the key principles underpinning our economy and society. What if the purpose of our economy was to guarantee everyone the basics for a decent life? What if we harnessed finance for public good, instead of allowing it to flow into oil and gas and other activities which harm us? And what if our laws and decisions truly recognised ecological limits to our use of the Earth’s natural wealth?

We argue that the eight ‘gamechangers’ in the report can pave the way for a Green New Deal where people, communities and nature can flourish. Each gamechanger is accompanied by a policy proposal which could be implemented within the next government’s first term, and a mini case study to show what can be done.

We thank Common Wealth, the New Economics Foundation, Badvertising, Platform, Friends of the Earth Scotland, Debt Justice, the Landworkers’ Alliance, the Women’s Budget Group and Finance for the Future for contributing their policy proposals to this report.