The Green New Deal

The global economy faces multiple, linked crises. It is a combination of  accelerating climate breakdown driven by fossil fuel use, corrosive inequality, and debt-fuelled over-consumption by a global minority pushing us beyond planetary ecological boundaries. These overlapping factors threaten to develop into a perfect storm making social collapse highly likely. To help prevent this from happening, and to lay the foundations of the economic systems of the future, we need a Green New Deal.

There is still time. Act now and a positive course of action based on the framework set out in the Green New Deal can pull the world back from economic and environmental meltdown.


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The Green New Deal: A Bill to make it happen

Published to coincide with the launch of the Green New Deal Bill, set down by MPs Caroline Lucas and Clive Lewis, this new report by the Green New Deal Group sets out what a Green New Deal will look like. The report, The Green New Deal: A bill to make it happen, explains what is in the Bill, formally known as the Decarbonisation and Economic Strategy Bill, and how it could transform all our lives for the better.

MPs launch Green New Deal Bill for the UK

As thousands gather for what is expected to be the UK’s biggest climate demonstration yet, MPs Caroline Lucas and Clive Lewis have launched the first legislative attempt to introduce a Green New Deal Bill in Parliament. The Bill aims to transform the infrastructure of our society at the scale and speed demanded by the science, and at the same time to fix an economic model that continues to fail the majority of people, as well as to destroy the planet.

The beauty of a Green New Deal is that it would pay for itself

Writing in the Guardian, Green New Deal Group member, Ann Pettifor explains how governments around the world don’t need to raise taxes in order to transform their economies and avert climate disaster – a case Ann sets out in detail in her new book, The Case for a Green New Deal.

About the group

Meeting since early 2007, the membership of the Green New Deal Group is drawn to reflect a wide range of expertise relating to economics and politics, and the climate, nature and inequality crises. The views and recommendations of the Green New Deal Group set out in a series of reports starting in 2008, are those of the group writing in their individual capacities.

The Green New Deal Group is, in alphabetical order:

Larry Elliott, Economics Editor of the Guardian, Colin Hines, Co-Director of Finance for the Future, former head of Greenpeace International’s Economics Unit, Jeremy Leggett, founder of Solarcentury and SolarAid, Caroline Lucas, Green Party MP, Richard Murphy, Professor of Practice, City University, Director Tax Research LLP, Ann Pettifor, Director, Policy Research in Macroeconomics (PRIME), Charles Secrett, Advisor on Sustainable Development, former Director of Friends of the Earth, Andrew Simms, Co-Director, New Weather Institute; Coordinator, The Rapid Transition Alliance, Assistant Director, Scientists for Global Responsibility. Geoff Tily Senior Economist, TUC.


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Key reports

The Group’s latest report, The Green Deal: A Bill to make it happen, accompanies the publication of the Decarbonisation and Economic Strategy Bill by MPs Caroline Lucas and Clive Lewis.


The Group’s fifth anniversary report, A National Plan for the UK: From Austerity to the Green New Deal is published on behalf of the Green New Deal Group by the New Weather Institute


The Green New Deal Group’s first report, A Green New Deal, was published on behalf of the Green New Deal Group by NEF (The New Economics Foundation)