This letter was in The Guardian on 24 April 2019:

Greta Thunberg hits the nail on the head in calling for more support from the older generation and for the unions to get more active in tackling climate change (Activist lends support to general strike for the climate, 23 April). A crucial part of generating this support is to recognise that any effective response to the climate threat will mean a massive green infrastructure programme which will generate jobs in every constituency. This would include a labour-intensive upgrading of the energy efficiency of every building countrywide, plus the upgrading of local transport systems and recycling provision.

To get support for this approach not only from older people, but also more conservative ones, it will be imperative to emphasise the advantages for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as the investment and savings opportunities involved in addressing climate change. Add to this the concerns of these sectors of society about the future of their children and grandchildren, and this approach should result in a broader range of support for a net zero-carbon future. As such it should appeal to all political parties and so help ensure the urgent demands of Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion can be more swiftly met.

Colin Hines

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