Resources for Local Authorities

By the beginning of 2020, 68 per cent of local authorities in the UK have declared a climate emergency – many are developing climate action plans, with a range of organisations offering support for local actors translating declarations of emergency into comprehensive plans for action:

The Centre for Alternative Technology’s (CAT) Zero Carbon Britain Hub and Innovation Lab provides support for support for climate emergency action planning for policy makers, communities and organisations providing training courses at CAT and in venues across the country. The Zero Carbon Britain living laboratory will open up opportunities for researchers, entrepreneurs, businesses, governments, citizens, councils and foundations to work together to create innovative, proven, effective climate solutions.

Friends of the Earth have produced a climate action plan for councils as a resource for local councils, community groups and campaignes.

The Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) has announced a Climate Emergency Support Programme for local authorities which will ‘provide free strategic advice and practical support to local authorities.’

Bioregional are offering a One Planet Living service for local authorities and have created a range of guides to support community groups that want to create a neighbourhood, town or city-wide plan to tackle the climate and ecological emergency.

Professor of Urban Futures at the University of Leeds, Paul Chatterton’s has devised a framework Civic Action Plan for use by local authorities and campaigners at the local level.

Ashden have a Liveable Cities programme, have developed a climate action co-benefit toolkit and in collaboration with Friends of the Earth and the Carbon Disclosure Project have recently launched a guide to 31 Actions that can be taken by local authorities.

The Town and Country Planning Association and the Royal Town Planning Institute have produced a guide for Local Authorities on planning for climate change.