Sunday 8th September 2013
5 years after Lehmans’ collapse: ‘National Plan’ to detoxify UK economy

  • Green New Deal Group set out ‘National Plan’ to detoxify the UK economy.
  • Plan would end zero-hour contracts, remove hidden bank subsidies, cancel PFI, end tax avoidance and evasion, stop the controversial HS2 rail link and end the destructive ‘Dash for Gas’
  • In their place, the Green New Deal Group propose a plan that would transform the UK economy to meet environmental and social challenges, create quality jobs in every constituency in the UK, end austerity and ignite a sense of shared national purpose.

Almost five years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers sent shockwaves around the global financial system, the Green New Deal Group, whose groundbreaking ideas were taken up around the world in 2008, publish a ‘National Plan for the UK’ that would shift the nation from the politics of austerity and rapidly-growing inequality to the age of the ‘Green New Deal’.

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