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Prospects for 2022: Andrew Simms reads the economic runes

Each year the Financial Times polls a group of economic analysts on what they think the next year holds in store for the UK. Green New Deal Group member Andrew Simms took part in the survey, and argues that huge economic threats are balanced by equally large opportunities to solve multiple problems by investing in the economy’s low-carbon, rapid transition

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UK economists survey: A green recovery could reverse inequality and meet the climate emergency

Each year the Financial Times investigates the UK’s upcoming economic prospects with a survey of economic analysts. Green New Deal Group member, and New Weather Institute co-founder Andrew Simms, shared his thoughts on prospects for the year to come. As Andrew sets out, substantial public investment could set the UK on a path compatible with meeting the 1.5°C climate target can underpin recovery, levelling-up and building back a better, greener, more equal Britain.

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Investing in jobs and climate is key

In a letter to the Guardian, Green New Deal Group members Richard Murphy and Colin Hines argue that the government’s covid recovery plan should help fund the employment of the millions of increased staff needed across all social sectors, from more care and health workers to teachers and police, while also funding investment in new climate-friendly infrastructure projects, such as making the UK’s 30m buildings carbon neutral and adapting existing infrastructure to deal with future heatwaves and flooding.

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